Transport optimisation

Logistikdienstleister ebp-logistics optimiert ihre Transporte

Transport optimisation services

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The complex supply chains of global companies are becoming increasingly costly and are fraught with many problems. Just a few examples of the challenges that companies are currently facing include the lack of transport capacity due to a shortage of vehicles and drivers, as well as unreliable sea container transports with a precipitous rise in freight rates. We know which buttons to press in order to optimise transports.  At the customer’s request, we adjust transport concepts, reorganise processes, perform tactical route planning and optimise utilisation in the means of transport or freight space.

Transport optimisation

from cost reduction to deadline compliance and carbon footprints

  • Harnessing big data analytics to create transparency in transport costs
  • Analysis of transport processes and key performance indicators to identify optimisation potential
  • Alignment and demand-oriented design of transport networks
  • Optimisation of transport concepts, e.g. through regional forwarding, milk runs, trans-shipment traffic
  • Transport planning and tactical route planning using tools such as Log-hub
  • Optimising the utilisation of transport means and freight space
  • Design of trimodal transport concepts and suitable modes of transport
  • Operative route or trip planning
  • Green logistics, implementation of CO2-optimised transport concepts
Transportoptimierung bei ebp-logistics führt zu Kostenreduktion
Netzwerkoptimierung für ihr optimales Transportnetzwerk

Network design & centre of gravity analyses

Strategic frameworks for transports and their key performance indicators

  • Tool-based supply chain design and network simulation
  • Determination of warehouse and logistics locations
  • Definition of the transport routes and therefore the transport network
  • Assignment of the product ranges and inventories to the warehouse locations
  • Development of stockpiling strategies and replenishment concepts
  • Design and comparative assessment of distribution and procurement networks

Why ebp-logistics?

  • Company expertise in transport optimisation and network design
  • Deployment of powerful design and simulation tools for centre of gravity analysis and transport cost optimisation
  • Design of end-to-end and sustainably optimised transport solutions
  • Use of benchmarks to asses transport costs
  • Transport optimisation is an integral part of the 4PL services
  • Standardised procedure models and templates are part of our toolkit

Current topics

for our customers

Transport concepts in the focus of cost optimisation

Many transport concepts emerged out of practical necessity or were established in the course of the newly defined supply chains as part of the supply chain solution without deeper systematic planning. It is true nonetheless that all transport concepts should be revised and adjusted to changing circumstances on a regular basis. Doing so boosts efficiency, as well as cutting costs. There is a variety of aspects that present optimisation potential, although they are best considered from an integrative perspective, including:

  • Optimisation of transport networks
  • Adaptation of traffic concepts
  • Use of appropriate modes of transport
  • Optimisation of transport means utilisation
  • Benchmarking of transport and freight costs
  • Regular tactical route planning

ebp-logistics regularly deals with these methods in the course of optimising transport concepts and combines its consultants’ freight forwarding expertise with the methodological know-how of intelligent planning and evaluation tools. Based on real data from operational business, the need for action can be analysed and alternative concepts evaluated.