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ebp-logistics Leistungsangebot des Logistikdienstleisters zur Steuerung der Transporte und Kostenreduzierung

Our services

Extensive know how, customised implementation

ebp-logistics acts as an independent partner in all areas of transport management. Outsourcing logistics tasks is currently in vogue, so we offer more than an end-to end solution as a fourth-party logistics (4PL) provider. Instead, we also deliver custom solutions that noticeably cut costs.

Transport management


From optimised transport management strategy to use of the control tower – we are your partners.

Transport optimisation


Transport cost transparency and optimisation, streamlined network design and centre of gravity analyses – we build a robust strategic foundation.

Freight cost optimisation & freight service purchasing

Frachtkostenmanagement & Frachtleistungseinkauf

Standardised freight invoice audits and the reallocation of transports – these are just a few of the potential cost savings.

Customs & export trade

Zoll und Außenhandel

Optimisation of charges and clearance costs in full compliance with statutory requirements.

Fourth-party logistics provider (4PL)

Companies have been outsourcing warehouse services, transports and even ancillary logistical tasks such as sequencing and picking & packing for a long time now. In doing so, they tend to commission contract logistics providers or ‘3PL service providers’ (third-party logistics providers) with the capabilities to manage comprehensive and complex logistics tasks. But 3PL providers do not adopt a neutral stance in the customer’s interests, as they are equally determined to sell their own logistics services on the market and aim to optimise their in-house resources.

By contrast, 4PL (fourth-party logistics) providers have no assets of their own and, as independent general contractors, are able to select optimised logistics services and resources for its customer’s supply chain.

ebp-logistics is a neutral 4PL provider that offers its customers individual and tailored solutions covering the entire range of services: from classic transport control to strategic issues in network design or freight service purchasing.

Independence and rigorous customer orientation in finding the right solutions are defining hallmarks of everything that ebp-logistics does – along with building successful and sustainable partnerships with its customers.

Our transport management system Sirius

As a transport management system, our innovative IT solution Sirius can be customised to suit your requirements and gives you and all stakeholders complete transparency along the supply chain. You can keep a close eye on everything with a single software product. Certainly highly powerful, Sirius is also user-friendly and delivers great added value. It is the perfect tool for your transport management and to run control tower functions.

The benefits of Sirius:

  • Cloud-based and with responsive design
  • Individually adaptable
  • Flexible solutions
  • Multilingual and deployable worldwide
  • Modular system architecture

Sirius TMS supports the:

  • Planning, execution and control of transport orders
  • Shipment tracking (T&T)
  • Management of all modes of transport
  • Optimisation of the supply chain strategy
  • Elimination of resource wastage
  • Complete process and cost transparency in transport management

Our Sirius TMS is the foundation to build a standardised process from transport planning to invoicing. You receive a single, customised system that is adapted to all of your needs. It can also be used to create tailored documents for suppliers, customers and logistics service providers.

Our billing models

at a glance:
Consultancy fee

Billing is according to workload.

ebp-logistics Gain Share
Gain share

Billing is according to verifiable cost savings.

ebp-logistics Abrechnung per Shipment
Per shipment

Billing is per transaction.

ebp-logistics hybrides Abrechnungsmodell

Individual mix of different billing models.

ebp-logistics Lizenzgebühren
License fees

Licence fees for the transport management software (TMS).