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Management – Optimization – Fourth Party Logistics
ebp-logistics ist Logistikdienstleister zur Transportsteuerung und Kostenreduzierung

Solutions for your supply chain

from planning to operational control of your transports

ebp-logistics was established by ebp-consulting GmbH and Supply Chain Factory GmbH. We deliver solutions for your supply chain from a single source: From planning and streamlining of networks to transport optimisation and the use of a control tower to manage your transports. In doing so, we deploy a proprietary transport management system that creates clear added value and is used successfully by our customers as well.

Our services

at a glance

We are your partner and specialist for all matters relating to transport management. Our solutions are entirely customised – from strategy and sustainable optimisation to operational support.

Transport management


From optimised transport management strategy to use of the control tower – we are your partners.

Transport optimisation


Transport cost transparency and optimisation, streamlined network design and centre of gravity analyses – we build a robust strategic foundation.

Freight cost optimisation & freight service purchasing

Frachtkostenmanagement & Frachtleistungseinkauf

Standardised freight invoice audits and the reallocation of transports – these are just a few of the potential cost savings.

Customs & export trade

Zoll und Außenhandel

Optimisation of charges and clearance costs in full compliance with statutory requirements.

Fourth-party logistics provider (4PL)

ebp-logistics is a neutral 4PL service provider without any assets of its own. As a general contractor, it also provides its customers with tailored solutions that can extend to a full range of services.

Customer orientation, sustainable solutions and independence from forwarders and logistics services are the key factors for ebp-logistics.

Transportmanagementsystem Sirius ist ihr ControlTower

Our transport management system Sirius

We have developed an exceptional proprietary transport management system called SIRIUS. You can keep a close eye on everything with Sirius. This single software solution lets you manage all aspects of your transports and keep everything in view with the control tower. Sirius TMS can be customised to suit your requirements and gives you and all stakeholders complete transparency along the supply chain. Our in-house developers adapt the system to your needs quickly and individually and map your processes impeccably. The system you receive is everything other than a run-of-the-mill, 80% match, but a software product that can be infinitely modified to accommodate your specifications.

An overview of some features:

  • Planning, execution and control of all your company’s shipments
  • Planning for all modes of transport
  • Complete process and cost transparency in the end-to-end supply chain

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